The health of the homeless: Deep Analysis

First the Stats:

My odd conclusion “…they are the healthiest of us all!”

Grim, maybe, or maybe simply telling:
Root causes of homelessness are in the imposed synthetic and dehumanizing environment that people are supposed to live in. If you want to finish cattle in CAFO[1] style, some genetics falter that are superior in natural low input systems. If you were to remove ailing cows from the contrived synthetic system and place them back in the natural one where their gifts, talents, and genetics shine, they will come alive.

In old Turkey (1300’s Anatolia) the “insane” (revealed through crime, chemical dependence, self abasement, or extreme weirdness) were sent to a “sanatorium”. A sanatorium was an ultra natural, ultra peaceful permaculture life setting where life revolved around the beauty of nature and the nurture of imposed love and care and a collaborative living environment where all contributed to the simple ends. The Sanatorium was self sustaining and in most, travelers were welcome. People were not imprisoned; a sabbatical was imposed to help them recover from the apparent misfit with more contrived civilization. Some returned to “normal civilization” and some did not.


As per background: Rumi was part of the civilization that reasoned in these kinds of ways. The civilization was a hodgepodge of cultures and religions arising from desperate refugees driven out of their lands by the Mongols and the witness to horrendous atrocities therein.

How about us, the smart and enlightened know it alls, imposing contrived synthetic culture on the entire planet? How about our homeless?…Medicate them and try to get them to naturalize into the unnatural systems that fit perverted and diseased psyche like a glove and are driving the planetary ecosystem off a cliff? The take-home is that perhaps they are where they are because they are the healthiest of us all!


[1] A Confined Animal Feeding Operation is an ultra efficient (by our systems infrastructure ands desired waste) way to produce meat. You go with an assumption that life is simply about survival (food water and shelter). You provide these things in a way that super accelerate the development of muscle mass using pharmaceutical drugs both to further accelerate bulking through hormone manipulation and to keep them alive when dysfunctional digestive or other systems suffer. It is most basically, manipulating a synthetic environment for egalitarian and capitalistic ends under assumptions that physical survival is the baseline of quality of life. It fits the assumptions of the “foundations of modern biology” in that life is described by chemical and electrical process.

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