Time to rise into our humanity and do our part…


The intense responsibility of our time and place in world history:

Relating to governance and the modern societal systems and organization, we simple folk are like the teen child of an extreme alcoholic or addict.

Our choice is to stand up into the maturity and responsibility we are capable of and lead our family whenever needed. Or we go from broken to emotional ruin and try to rebuild from the ashes when it is all over. The fight is not rational.

We simple folk are victims because we fail to take responsibility for our lives, our communities, and our local resource and societal stewardship. In that failure we may cry foul quite accurately, but to who? We may fight, but to what ends? Instead we must build the standing of our own legitimacy while that of the current system wanes.

We build our capacity and our ability locally, then, we simple folk slowly take the reigns of our present and future little by little until we have acquired a livable level of autonomy again and a local control of our local resources and society.

We don’t try to do it in the old way and we don’t try to do it in a new way. We don’t try to do it as a generation. We do it cohesively multi generationally, and wisely.

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