Simple Folk, Radical effect, and a future for us all…

Need a farmer

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
your thoughts become your words,
your words become your actions,
your actions become your habits,
your habits become your values,
your values become your destiny…

Mahatma Gandhi

An introduction to who I am:

I am a naturalist drawing my baseline of normal and my inspiration from nature. I love people, society, diversity and religion when it is represented by open-eyed reverence for the intrinsic mysteries that lead to enlightened relationships and perceptions. I have adhered to a vow of poverty since the age of 21 that personally translates into a vow to identify with and support the needs of the poor and to live with minimal care of or dependence on money and without hoarding money or things. This is personal and is not meant to reflect the views or commitments of my wife or my children, though it certainly affects them. It is not a vow to live in want, but rather to live simply according to a more basic and grounded existence. In such, I treat money not as wealth, but as a transitory tool for commerce. In the perspective of a ‘vow of poverty’, money, finance, credit, or insurance are not security, piece of mind, or tangible support. Relationships, empowered local community, and my personal day to day contributions to my community are all of that tangibly.

I am apolitical. This means I am not of the group-up and defend mentality. I aim for the rational and wise balance of perspectives that attaches to reliable rooting and sustainability for societal and individual health and liberty. I am conservative, progressive, and radical, but not particularly liberal, pacifist, and staunchly non-militant. Having grown up with regard to Henry David Thorough, Mahatma Gandhi, and Jesus in the respecting shadow of my Grandfather, I found a mix that refused violence as an answer but chose to fear nothing and no one aside from that mysterious and equitable force of nature that some call a higher power. Though in some ways conservative, I will not support conserving 2nd best. We conserve what is worth conserving, revive what is worth reviving, and innovate a future that surpasses past and present. This means I am not relevantly democrat or republican as I am diametrically apposed to the main political effects and clear objectives of the two main US parties. I will have no part in the old politic except to hasten its demise in deference to empowered democracy and localization.

I am neither capitalist nor-socialist. I support a free market where local communities are empowered and in control of their local resources in so much as they upgrade and regenerate them rather than denigrate, destroy and pollute them. The often assumed human nature of pathetic hoarding and parasitism of environment, resources, and one another is artificial. When local resource and environment is in local hands a pride and purpose is intrinsic and natural toward stewardship and nurturing as rooted in our nature coupled to our religious and moral default. Constrained and manipulated in a synthetic environment meant to breed financial drive, we devolved and socially sickened into beasts needing greater and greater care and control while we struggled against one another for the carrot. Nearing the real and present police state our stark reality is calling us home. Like Bees, when given a natural challenge, resources, and opportunity, we will organize and rise to the challenge locally. Our need is for each other, nature, the environment and cooperation with some good old elbow grease and mindfulness.

More laws, no

More police, no

More global-governance, no

More top-down mandates, no




Learning to be indigenous[1]

Connected and reverent to place, natural mystery, and community…

And building a bright future under the fading bankrupt and failed one of the present and past

We have the tools to build what is relevantly simple and straight forward and powerful for human empowerment to the greater good of ourselves, the other creatures, and the local and global environment…so let’s roll up our sleeves and set our flight in motion. Please comment.


[1] to deeply understand and connect to place


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