What does peace look like in the eye of the storm?

photo 3

~ That is the ACTUAL author in the pic for once ~

A flash perspective relevant to nation and global politics and why the task at hand is not about fighting anything as much as it is about building something:

TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership is organized crime, so why shouldn’t we make a fuss?

I would argue that the list of grievances are building the case for a complete deconstruction of corporate power holds, investment ownership legitimacy and the decisions of governments across the board. They are fundamentally blacklisting the proponents of the current system from any role in the new one.

We have to roll up our sleeves and focus. Focus on local empowerment and collective cooperation while letting the Business-As-Usual crowd make the case that they are criminal buffoons on their way to Hell.

Once we are organized, their downward spiral will turn into the flushing toilet of the old corrupt pathogenic system.

And we’ll proceed to use the infrastructure to build locally oriented stewardship based societies with a balanced autonomy and social conscience.


Keep up with me on linkedin or on occupyconscience.com to learn more as we forge ahead with building robust, resilient, and regenerative communities in the localization (indiginization) movement.

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