The first step toward the new paradigm is scientific humility

My birth city

“…the first step toward the new paradigm is scientific humility…”

Will science save us? Often we are told that nature is science. In fact that is untrue. Math is numbers and a methodology for analysis, interpretation, and prediction. Numbers were created for math as a methodology and numbers are math. Nature was here before science, which is a methodology to understand, interpret and discover what simply is. What is discovered does not belong to science. It is not science for it continues to be authored, defined, and empowered by nature. Science is nature’s portrait; if done well, its likeness, but never its actual reality.

Nature, there before science, is us as well, and if we all vanished with our science it would be there afterword. Science, like any language—methodology for human to human communication—can be lost and rediscovered in a new form while its subject of interest remains as is.

Thus, the first step toward the new paradigm is scientific humility. Science remains as “dung” without the humanities to turn it into soil.

Muhabura view



Einstein-intuitive and rational

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