Socialism, Capitalism, and any Combo There-of.. DEAD END ROAD or FULL SPEAD AHEAD?

sativa-rheinau seed

Adaptive systems of diversity are those with such capacity. Can the future mix and match in smart design? Two distinctly different best-use puzzles in need of solutions are the agrarian paradigm—soil, sea, and living system dominated—and the urban one—finance, steel, and asphalt dominated. The economic systems to serve the two in an egalitarian world of the future must equally differ.

It can be done

Agrarian smart empowerment is my chosen challenge, one in which a certain style of success can change everything about what humanity means to environment. With others, I am mounting an architectural challenge to build infrastructure and drivers to a revolutionary transition of agrarian economy from one dimensional capitalistic-extractionist to locally determined multi-dimensional agro-ecoistic symbiotic-economy. Agro-ecoism is driven by multi-tiered socio-bio-relevant values that overshadow finance by design and societal architecture. In capitalism, finance overshadows cultural, ecological, and social values by design. In pure socialism, average human needs overshadow individual, biological, and cultural ones. Ecological and even agrarian prosperity in either is after thought or anti-factor.

Addressing ecological realities of today with capitalism, socialism, or any combination there-in is like remodeling airplanes and helicopters to shuttle passengers to Mars. In the urban environment, either or any combination still can work, though they will inevitably be sub-prime in achievement. Conversely, agrarian/rural reality has always been a casualty of such systems as has the environment to an even greater extent. Such otherwise optimized systems cannot and will not carry us to an ecologically and culturally regenerative future.

Agrarian renaissance and the architecture for regerative human effect demand smart systems adapted to the truth on the ground. Agroecoism, as an economy, is dervied from agroecology as one way forward in rural development that with well designed multidisciplinary architecture can turn the entire ship and change the effect of humanity on the vast swaths of land and sea that make up this great earth. Learn more by following, joining the discussion, or rolling up sleeves and diving in.

George Washington Carver – The very greatest most well rounded scientist of his time

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