Globally Connected, Local Agrarian Union (Currently the WildCommons) – New ideas for tomorrow…

forward or back

Pigeon-holed communities: The picture above is where we will find ourselves if we continue trusting the road forward to get us to where we must go. Alternate routes are required.


This is a current project in alpha development stage. It is intended to enable sustainable cash optional knowledge and integrity critical existence for the diversity of global agrarianism. This is not excluding cash and value of ownership, but it is by design decreasing their central roll. The implication is a renewed ability for agrarian self-determination that is currently prevented by financial encumbrance. There are fewer and fewer clear examples of cash optional agrarianism. It is very uncommon now to see those that interact with the greater world society while maintaining cash optional existence without being ostracized. One reason is that everyone is targeted for “acquisition” into financial markets. Through very targeted and politically embedded strategy, cash optional existence is made impossible or illegal.

Agrarianism cannot thrive in the current paradigm. In fact a pervasive form of dehumanizing poverty was created, much like a genetically altered mutant virus, laying waste to nearly a third of global humanity. In a cash optional and ownership de-emphasized paradigm, agrarians have the opportunity to save up money incrementally, traditionally in holes, trunks, and under floor boards. They can live very well and still save money to use in the cash economy on the occasion of their choice. The value of the money in such a system is severely undermined. Its value in urban society is not however. This enables it to collect over time in the hands of “the poor” while they pursue what is of greatest value: knowledge, local savvy, dignity, and respectability for example, a collateral effect being abundance.

Agrarian reality should naturally negate capitalism since the greatest value in the society is not naturally capital. However, ‘natural’ is a product of paradigm in socio-psychology. Paradigm is either consequence or design architecture. Capital is based on ownership or a craving for such. Socialism is the other extreme, spreading resources equally but not based on value inputs and accomplishment of the grassroots.  Knowledge, experience, and integrity based economy is in a whole different field of reality. It cannot be achieved in markets or societies jerry-rigged to avoid abundance or in those attempting to create and control abundance “synthetically” through innately unnatural means. In fact, abundance enables the freedom to save, explore, and discover when it is a consequence of foundational societal values and community and where its distribution is left to similarly natural allocation related to efforts and achievement and the evolution of culturally embedded wisdom.

When people are empowered less will suffer. When people are manipulated, controlled, and cared for all will suffer incrementally and society will fail in the long run… the truck picture above is the ends of that model.


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