The Tech-farm or the Research Laboratory?

What actually benefits society may not be what you are told in today’s cliché …

Einstein-intuitive and rational


Is there hope and reason to believe that we can accomplish what is good for people and our planet in ways counter to the prescriptions, conventions, or clichés of our confused societies?

Enlightened hope comes from the evolution of knowledge, understanding of history, and propensity for humble observatory rationality. It also comes from feeling and connection to our communities and our ecosystems.

Here is the core of my vision:  The Commons farm, specifically the Tech-Farm Hub-center, is due to supplant the lab for R&D using internally embedded data collection systems and statistics to validate choices and conclusions and to publish beyond-science agroecological “papers”, video support material, and well organized and accessible information. “Agroecological” encompasses tech, industry, agro, community, and nature in all things relevant to symbiotic cycling within a locale or bio-region.

Lab-scale is relevant to strict science and strict delimitation. In the real world with limited to no delimitation, the micro-lab equipped data-collecting farm running for locally relevant productivity and to train those interested specifically in the locale is what is relevant. Locale based non-governmental Tech-farm Hub-centers  will draw off and diminish the public funding from the elitist lab and science systems and facilities to instead emphasize the commons-held agrarian-operated Tech-farm Hub-center, to field and train in pilot and production scale projects in infrastructure that is able to evolve specific local-efficiency and relevancy over time while embedded in the actual ecology. In essence we are moving beyond science as a means to take an already possibility-saturated global environment full of silos of knowledge, copyrights, economic disincentives to simple folks, and outright dishonesty to the grassroots to a place where the rubber meets the road and things of relevance actually get done and embed in the fabric of community, simple people, and ecology.

Science has been co-opted by industry and politics to the official exclusion of the grassroots. Science has grown a sort of elitism that maintains a high walled edge and exclusionary effect. Science is a good tool, but there is nothing holy or overly obtrusive in the term. Science is not the “kingdom” it has become. Science is actually no more than a process that should not be limited and exclusionary beyond its necessary experimental delimitation. Science should not dominate or even make decisions. It is a process to catalog components of knowledge about the world around us. It is time we put the grassroots unadulterated humanity back in the driver’s seat, break down the walls and expose the emperor in his nakedness. Science is process and nothing more and what is discovered belongs to all of us.

Belonging of the building blocks of knowledge is all about understanding and incremental application in relevant locale. Agrarians are those vested-in and dependent-upon place and community above and beyond finance. Therefore, we are replacing the mega-lab with the Tech-farm Hub-center and replacing the elitist scientific system with the agrarian apprenticeship and community. All of the accomplishments of science thus far will be the building blocks of functional ecosystem-symbiotic bio-regional systems of community and local-environmentally-relevant productivity.

The “Farm” as a tech center hub for agrarians…

The agrarians as self organizing bio-regional clusters and globally interactive webs can achieve their long awaited renaissance and their relevance to the whole. Productive small-holdings surrounded by vast nature-scape stewardship are the vision for personal and community holdings and responsibility in agrarianism, while a series of Tech-center Hub-farms will be able to accommodate the small holdings as collective infrastructure for individual and community success, optimized local cluster organization, and cultivation of a globally functional web of bio-regional agrarian cluster interactivity. The world of tomorrow will not look like today and tomorrow’s Utopia will be the rainbow in the distance with no need to find the pot of gold.

Process…the evolution of vision…

Presenting vision stripped of the complexity and the how…

Ideas make both friends and enemies, collaborators and opponents… vision builds tribes… organized tribes change paradigms!  ~ WildCommons ~

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