Rich or poor… walk with me to a better future

Somehow, I started down the track of thinking it is “us against them”, then I realized that the percentage of people around me that really care enough to give in self-sacrificing are very few. I imagined there may be a higher percentage of the so called elite, perhaps those are stalled just needing someone to believe in them and their capacity to excel differently than they have been raised. In the regular old folk where I am you have elders complaining of the problems and youngers complaining of the problem. the youngers are sitting on the head of a needle ready for action if they just knew what to do. The elders then push them to do nothing but seek their own stability and leave the world’s problems to someone else. As they grudgingly concede, the elders show warmth and acceptance when they go for the carrot of “better jobs” for better pay and cold dis-acceptance or coolness when they self sacrifice teetering toward giving of themselves to push and probe for the changes both agree are needed.

I can imagine the same happening in the families with big wealth. Talk and agree that the world can’t go on like this, but then push your children down the road of extracting that last little bit of wealth that everyone knows is inconsequential except to prove they could.

Yes, certainly all of us are just people needing someone to believe in our dreams and sacrifice with us to create the society worth living in. I don’t care what percent you are or what wealth you represent or don’t, if we are brothers or sisters, we are that for the seed that is in our heart.

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