150 years of disjointed and polarized society

Suffice to say, we have lived in a disjointed and polarized world for 150 years, often with artificial separations in various spheres of an individual life.

The delimitations are good for experiments, but life should be a seamless meld of the knowledge and wisdom of enlightened society.

The future is “knowledge capital.” Deep knowledge builds greater and greater wisdom in society over time. Knowledge encompasses the strictest of science to social to religio-spiritual. When any system puts a cap on knowledge, we boil.

If you take away money, religion, house, or clothes; that is livable, but not our knowledge. Lands, resources, and things, well they belong to the earth anyway. Give us a nook in the healthy living earth and knowledge and we can prosper in vibrant community with abundance and balanced spirituality.

This is why we are all ready to work hard for the fixes to balance the world ecosystem. If we lose this ecosystem, we are truly on our own in a universe that isn’t sufficient for us outside of our unique planet.

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