Change is a brewing…

The “climate” in which we all do business is going to change very soon and very rapidly because our generations don’t buy the “follow along with what we are doing” line at all. When we wring control from aging hands we are creating change in real time. 

Dana; don’t write this off just yet. As to government mandates…ha ha ha… That is kind of funny. No, the governments are not controlled by people; they are sort of an engineered monster of corporate opportunity. It is going to take tenacious effort of a people who will not take no for an answer to make real change of any significance. So be it, there are plenty of us. And there is a pretty solid strategy brewing…Voting is part of the biggest joke of our era, sort of a rubber stamp of approval for ongoing corruption greed and destruction. 

If we want change we must both create it and force it. Therefore, lets get our plans in order, so we do not make a mess of it the way the hippies did and spoil what may be our last chance to get this right.

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