Community Ambiguity to achieve some Transparent Privacy

Can we help the whistle blowers, the shy, and confidential transparency? Government is increasing in both obvious corruption and forced invasion of public privacy.  Because of this, the timid can bow out of discourse on the important issues.  This is a problem.  Can’t the meek hide behind the bold and still be heard? We can create a certain level of ambiguity on the digital side in a simple way. Decide openly, as part of community, to choose an undeclared combination of practices:

  1. Random cell-phone swapping or sharing.
  2. Random lap-top sharing.
  3. Random computer sharing.
  4. Make a practice of leaving your home or office open or unlocked with computers on logged in and ready to go.  You can even invite others with a sign if you so choose.
  5. When appropriate, allow random people to use your name or your log-in
  6. Randomly, refuse to disclose information so as to maintain your right to privacy.

At any given time your digital communications can be yours, your friends, or it could be someone random on the train, store, or far away. Willful transparency and sharing can help. This is true on your devises and those of others who openly associate with the idea. At the least the strategy achieves a general community rather than individual authorship and thus empowers people.  Its not much, but with others’ ideas it can be something.

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