2. Democracy… powerful, benign or cancerous


This is like saying are strawberries cancerous because they are tainted with chemicals that cause cancer.  It is not the strawberry that is cancerous, but public policy that perpetuates the use of poison in food production.

In democracy, which is the rule by the majority, the ones who control information in the minds of the majority ultimately rule. Thus democracy has an important “Achilles heal”. The majority can unwittingly become the “puppet dictator” for a powerful few. Everyone can then be controlled with 100% legitimacy and very little recourse.  That is to say, if the public policy allows the poison which is “control of information”.

 Other musings on democracy:

 Our current paradigm–The Modern Democracy:  Power by a few over all people through manipulation of the majority. Democracy’s “majority” is the puppet dictator, while presidential leaders and politicians are among the ones consolidating power as part of an elite investor class. Domination by “the fittest” in line with materialist atheist philosophy: Many thanks for the contributions of Nietche, and the Third Reich, and Obama’s important leg with the baton in the marathon to control the world’s common folk for “outside interests”.


The Potential of _______cracy/______ism:  All societies have the range from below average to brilliant individuals to make inputs into building a great society. Knowledge, wisdom and enlightened intelligence are in every populous and brilliant systems will empower brilliant individuals for the overall good. Currently, power rules supreme rather than brilliance or strength of character, therefore our society is not leading toward enlightenment. Hitler’s Germany sought out brilliance to benefit the State. Political Capitalism seeks it out to enrich the economy. To build a positive future we need to empower brilliance and enlightenment for the balanced good.

Another View:  It’s not democracy that is the problem.  The systematic control of society through “social delimitation” (SD) is the problem.  It makes democracy a tool to control dissent and a facade for legitimacy similar to those used by communism and other systems.  In research: “Delimitations are characteristics set by the researcher to define the boundaries of the study and to eliminate variables. The researcher makes conscious exclusionary and inclusionary decisions…”  With delimitation of society there are characteristics that controlling bodies make a conscious decision to include, limit, or exclude to “eliminate variables”.  Just as in science a diverse representation (sampling) is essential, and a vote from each (results) crucial, however the outcome will always be within the control.  The voting and the existence of dissenting opinion, proves legitimacy, while no-one unified dissenting opinion is allowed to become prevalent enough to ‘rock the boat’. Therefore, only the government sponsored “club” is in ultimate control. Democracy is benign, but without transparency it permits corrupt government to use the populous thus becoming cancer. The people continue in totally democratic ignorance to fulfill the wishes of those who control them through Social Delimitation.   Democracy can flower for the populous only in transparency. And for this desired end, it requires authoritative public over-site to the extent that the public know and audit everything all the time.  In the US the people were given the honorable task of delimiting and controlling their governance through knowledge and action not through voting.  Voting, neither complex, powerful or all that important, is often used as proof of governmental legitimacy.  If a populous accepts social delimitation by government, voting will not help. To most people, democracy means rule by the populous, whether through voting or other.  Secret government delimitation denotes rule by government over the democracy—cancer.

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