Old growth temperate rain forests

This was our region. It used to be considered a temperate rain forest. Consider all the minerals held in those old forests. Now as we log more and more minerals are lacking. We have the rain, and trees but lack the nutrients for a rich biology to make it a true forest. That is sad for the creatures and it is sad for the planet that has all the biological Carbon that would have been in our forest in the air instead.

The mountain above our spring was just logged (sad for us and our spring). It had grown for 40 years and took about 2 weeks for a handful of men to log. The owners of the land don’t know they owned a forest as it is owned by a revolving multi-national investment fund. That is our reality in the world today… but not tomorrow since the new generations look at life differently than packrats and stomach parasites.

The problem in the photo is not the individuals who I admire for their beautiful work ethic and their great dignity. It is a problem with society’s demands and a collective conscience that went along to meet those demands. Now can we work like our forefathers did according to personal conscience to restore the paradise we call our planet. If enough of us can run powerfully on personal conscience, though we may initially suffer, eventually we can train the collective conscience and revive the ecosystem which is a sustainable future for society.


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