Empowered Democracy for a better world

“Education is the platform that allows any democratic society to flourish”-unknown origin

Capitalist-democracy has supplanted representative-democracy. Any political system can and will be manipulated if not properly maintained through wise and careful stewardship. The degradation will degrade the empowerment of society while transferring such empowerment to the benefactors. Nietzsche may have sanctioned such an effect, but modern man cannot. Democratic society is not an end in itself, rather it is a basic concept of equity. It must be tweaked to transfer the best of societal wisdom, integrity of character, and knowledge to leadership (representative-democracy). Its devolution is to representation by placeholders of wealth/power (synonyms of sorts) which I am calling capitalist-democracy. Put another way, they right to rule is assumed based on wealth and existing power, not by brilliance and strength of character. The glory of people-power is in societies fairly represented transfer of authority to the wisest and most respectable members of society. In the USA democracy has degraded to an understanding that the politicians are societies scoundrels and cheats, in power due to wealth or support by wealth, and if they are not, the corruption underlying the system will corrupt or depower them in short order. Though there are great individuals in public service, the accepted mathematical mean for politicians is dishonesty and a complete lack of integrity, and it is this that we get as a fruit of the system.

Motivation for diverse and deep education is driven societally. Our system ofrepresentation, primed by the democratic process must function to thrust the wisdom, integrity, and education of society to leadership. The societally imposed drive for diversified knowledge and deep integrity of character lack pizzazz under systems that fail to reward for such attainment while promoting for vise. In short, we must win on two fronts simultaneously to win on education overall, and in winning we will achieve the fruit of wisdom plucked by all from the tree of governance–empowered democracy!

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