Agroecology as the Holistic Ecology of People and Planet


Resources were wrongly defined by the past several generations of our leaders and prominent men and women.

What we have been led to see as resources for our prosperity are often either pieces of an ecosystem, geological support for ecosystems, or the temporary non-renewable excess created by ecosystems. The engine of renewable and the keystone resource is clearly the intact ecosystem. This is what differentiates our planet and mystifies science as a beneficial but so far inadequate tool. Ecosystems are the resource that sustainably produce millions of useful deliverables from the most intricate of chemicals to the most robust of building materials and everything in between that pertains to our prosperity. It is through our contribution to the ecosystem that we, like other creatures can drive specific deliverables to excess for our use. Our work in natural systems is not as grunt laborers producing the amount of product relevant to the amount of energy we put forth, that would be more like the drudgery of our “modern” system. Our work instead is relevantly soft intelligent labor in the ebb and flow of an already functional and energy multiplicative system. When we design production, we should design in the biomimicry style, not for our standard 20% to 90% efficient system, but for 250-1000% efficient multifunctional symbiotic systems that benefit the whole at the expense of the sun.

Ecosystems are always local, though undeniably linked globally. Rain, snow, wind, fire, cloud cover, ocean currents, waves, mineral collections, plant growth and the link to food for most species, sea level rise and fall, water traveling back to mountain tops and then flowing down again in rivers and streams is all solar effect with an occasional or locally understood geothermal input. Ecosystems function on the global circulation of solar energy effects, but they function as autonomous and unique local units that fit local specifics.

People belong in all ecosystems to which they find a productive symbiotic contribution that allows for their own prosperity to benefit the prosperity of the whole. The higher the diversity of species finding a productive niche in the ecosystem balance the more productive, elegant, and durable the system. People are not an exception. Local knowledge and local connection is the meaning of indigenous. Local knowledge lost is a catastrophic loss. The ideal imperative of our time is re-indigenization and empowerment of durable, happy, and productive local cultures.

Renewed and redesigned cultures need to be generationally knowledge multiplying. We should not amplify differences and generational gaps, and we should understand the natural flow of knowledge and where it is typically lost. Our information systems, as the libraries of old, are not a replacement for generationally multiplying knowledge. Our info-tech. tools are a catalogue of knowledge that, though not necessarily locally relevant, can function as a builder’s toolbox in trial, error, adventure, and brilliance. Another tool is our tie to other individuals and communities around the globe; still another our science and systems of huge productivity turned rabid. We are in a position to build the greatest local civilization ever and we are the local communities that span the width and depth of the globe.

Ecology functions on excess energy flows not energy creation. The ecosystem is an energy capture, cycle, and upscale system for multiplying usable product exponentially through the diverse soft labor of millions of willing creatures, each for their own good and, by apparent design, for the good of the whole.



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