Two short paragraphs on what really matters about the population and land ownership shift


City gentrification is interesting but less important than rural gentrification which is booming. Popular or trendy regions where development and land use policies are not intelligently designed ahead of time turn into a big mess. There are no intelligent land use policies in 2016 by the way. Even if industry is limited by development policies, rural landscapes and land ownership tend to be overtaken by more income based individuals and organizations to the exclusion of land and community based individuals and organizations. It is an alternative version to what happened in rural Ireland under British imperialism.

Money based lifestyles win in the land ownership tug a war which removes the integral connection that drives an evolution of synergies. Just as reliance on money breeds respect for and deference to money, reliance on land and community breed respect for and deference to land and community. Remove the connection and you lose the relationship empowerment of cultural evolution to place and one another.


1. The photo above is of Kyrgyz mountain society which sustainably managed landscapes in one primary region for 4000 years before money and quota based society through off the balance.

2. As a point of reference for urban folks, here is Portland today: Losing Alberta: Gentrification in Northeast Portland

3. The best general term for those who get or hope for their sustenance and security from the land and their own community is Agrarians.


Any type of creature can be agrarian which is the beauty of the tribe…

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