Government and capitalism as the “dumb ox” of society

Here is a half serious portrayal of society and systems within. No offence to the noble ox, I will use them allegorically. I don’t want to de-motivate the dumb oxen of capitalism and materialism from running for their carrot, but I would like to suggest that if we all run after endless growth and materialism in a finite planet who will guide us to sustainability? 

One perspective, to bring back into line, is that society owns all corporations and all government and all systems. We may not own the earth and its resources, but we do own our systems. None are there to be ultimately self serving. They are the “dumb ox” of people who are supposed to use them and their ignorance to achieve something in the best interests of world society. By clever people I don’t mean those running a corporation, I mean the people governing the corporation. Somehow those running and working in a corporation are called upon to be part of the “dumb ox”. Anything and anyone that does not pursue the ultimate good of either their local ecology or world ecology is, in a sense, the “dumb ox”. 

Our job as a world society is to train the “dumb ox” to serve the ultimate good while they pursue their selfish ends. The rest just go straight for the ultimate good because of the effect of knowledge empowering conscience and overall enlightenment. Selfish short sited people, representing the “dumb ox” are to be cleverly guided and regulated to “pull the plow” for the ultimate good. Government, at this time, and corporations are to be plow pullers. 

In some ways we are all the “dumb ox” of nature as the creator has placed things in this kind of order. The problem is we are dumber than an ox and instead seek our own destruction.

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