Sexuality… an addendum to my previous post

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This was a hard post to write. I actually see harm in caging up the instincts or covering over passion. It can be like a caldron of power that if covered festers into disease while liberated it completes the humanity. Objectification is what my article addresses. Sexuality is deeply spiritual just as it is an equally deep physicality. That is why it is so important. Turn it into another simple exhilaration and you lose. Contextualized sexuality is the trance of wild release and passion diving into a deep cloud covered valley in a faith of self abandonment that roars, dances, and revels in liberty almost disconnected from the material world; only the thread of fleshly instinct holds you to your material existence. Will you take that and objectify it or attach it to social discussion? Hell no, not if you connect with an ounce of your humanity. Flirting,… bring it on, its part of the dance, but that is communication of the human existence. Talking about sex in public, or even calling it “sex” at all, is like one revering a God, turning in the other breath and denigrating him in casual jokes. Revere your sexuality and society will win with you!

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