Rainbows a distraction of little consequense…

Rainbows don’t actually mean gay, they are just rainbows and light spectrums. Gay doesn’t even actually mean gay anymore. It means something private and a little off in a time when almost everything is off. Our time in history can be consumed with a focus on distractions and causes of non-consequence. To me pretending like “gay-rights” is an important cause is silly. Human rights are important and should not delve into the details of one’s sexuality.

I love people in general. I am not anxious to judge others or to pass laws on things like this. I love people independent of their sexuality and I don’t think it is right to group them by what they do in secret and like or dislike people based on those kinds of things. I am one who does not care what any country or community decides on this. It is a local issue not a human right. It simply is not black and white. I want the frenzy to pass so we can get back to the real problems and wonders and beauty that are all around us and learn to live together with our friends, family, and neighbors.

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